Workshop on Manuscript and Text Culture (WMTC): Inaugural Meeting

Workshop on Manuscript and Text Culture (WMTC): Inaugural Meeting

The aim of the workshop is to examine material aspects of writing and text production, as well as transmission and the interface between the oral and the written, across pre-modern literate societies.

The Workshop meets once each term at Queen’s College on Wednesday of 5th week at 18.00, with invited local or external speakers. Further meetings may be held at other times. Attendance is open to all members of the University. Those interested are asked to contact in advance so that numbers can be estimated.

Presentations will be both specialised and interdisciplinary in perspective. We would like to generate wider discussions crossing subject boundaries by focusing on methodological issues.

The workshop is intended for graduate students and Faculty members; undergraduates are also welcome.

The inaugural paper, on Wednesday 7 November, will be given by Professor Rosalind Thomas of Balliol College, who is well known for her work on orality, with the title: Literacy and Orality in Ancient Greece and the New Positivism.

The convenors of the workshop are:

John Baines
Charles Crowther
Dirk Meyer