Professor Henrike Lähnemann: Inaugural Lecture




Junior Research Fellowship in Manuscript and Text Cultures

The Governing Body of The Queen’s College invites applications from graduates of any university for election to a three-year post-doctoral position as a Junior Research Fellow in Manuscript and Text Cultures, with a research specialism in knowledge-production and text-transmission in pre-modern literate societies.

Fellowships are intended to support those at an early stage of their academic careers, and will normally be awarded to those who have recently completed their doctoral research, or are very close to completion. Candidates must not have accumulated more than seven years in full-time postgraduate study of research, nor have already held a post-doctoral research fellowship elsewhere.

The basic stipend of the Fellowship, which is pensionable under the Universities Superannuation Scheme, is £22,000 subject to adjustment in the light of any other emoluments enjoyed by the Fellow or in the light of any general alteration to University stipends. The Fellow will be entitled to free rooms in College, or to an allowance of £6,000 in lieu, and to free meals in College.

Applications should be submitted, preferably by e-mail to the Academic Administrator by noon on Monday 15th February 2016.

Further Particulars at:

WMTC Programme 2015-2016

The next two meetings of the Workshop for Manuscript and Text Culture will be held in Weeks 5 of Michaelmas and Hilary Terms 2015-2016.

11 November 2015: Anthony Lappin (National University of Ireland Maynooth), ‘A quest for knowledge: scrutinizing the Qur’an in Western Europe, 1143–1543′

17 February 2016: Kathryn Rudy (Humfrey Wanley Bodleian Visiting Fellow), ‘Touching Skin: Why Medieval Users Rubbed, Kissed, Inscribed, Splattered, Begrimed, and Pricked their Manuscripts’

The Workshop meets in the Magrath Room at The Queen’s College on Wednesday of 5th week at 17.00. Attendance is open to all members of the University.

The convenors of the workshop are:

John Baines (Emeritus Professor of Egyptology, The Queen’s College)
Angus Bowie (Fellow and Tutor in Classics, The Queen’s College)
Charles Crowther (Fellow in Ancient History, The Queen’s College)
Henrike Lähnemann (Professor of Medieval German, St Edmund Hall)
Dirk Meyer (Fellow in Chinese, The Queen’s College)